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Who Are We?

Whether you have been sent to us or you are attending for your own purposes we discuss initially the issue at hand as well as explaining briefly how a polygraph test works. There can only be a simple yes or no answer. This avoids ambiguity. 

A polygraph examination usually lasts one or two hours. Data collection during the test, the analysis of the data, followed up by a post-test analysis. This part may be carried out separately if you have been sent by another party or if the results are unclear.

We are happy to discuss the results with you when appropriate, unless of course you have been referred us by another party, in that case we would submit our result to them. 


We Deal with All Types of Issues

Need to find the truth fast? If your reputation is on the line or if you are having doubts about the trustworthiness of someone else – perhaps a spouse or an employee, a lie detector test can help you to make a better evaluation. Do you feel your partner is being unfaithful, or perhaps you’ve been wrongly accused of cheating? 

Relationships have their difficulties but what can you do about it. Do you have a nagging feeling that your partner is cheating on you. Are they acting strangely? Are you becoming increasingly suspicious of their activities when they are not with you? Perhaps someone feels that you are the one who is cheating on them, and so you may want to show your innocence.

In both instances, a polygraph test can provide you with significant and practical answers. The original chart representation which is used by professional people make analysing the results of a test far more evident. The whole result can be seen at the same time rather than in screen size fragments. It is also tamper proof, whereas a computer representation can easily be modified. 

Polygraphs for Business

Do you think someone might be stealing from your company and you want information that may help you stop it?

If you suspect either a friend or employee is involved in any kind of financial deception or theft then a polygraph test could help you to determine you next move. 

If you are giving an employee the sack or falling out with a friend, you need to be certain of their guilt. Start by asking them if they would mind taking a polygraph test. You have to prove their wrongdoing, and importantly to help recover your stolen property.

Employing the right staff for your business

Whatever type of business you operate you need people working for you who are trustworthy.


Businesses require the right kind of employees. You need staff you can trust and staff who can be relied upon 100% in any situation you put them in; just taking their word at the interview stage is not enough. You need to know you’ve hired the right people for the job.


Very often on a C.V. people will lie about their past, hide any evidence of wrongdoing, criminal convictions and so. Polygraph testing will help you to employ trustworthy staff.


Polygraphs for Personal Use

Have you been accused of stealing?

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being accused of stealing form a friend, employer or even a family member.


Whatever the circumstances it could be reassuring to tell them that you have taken a polygraph test and it indicates that you are innocent of any allegation. The accusation alone could ruin your reputation; therefore you need to clear your name

Have you been wrongly accused?

Theft, infidelity, fraud, rape, there are an almost infinite number of actions you can be wrongly accused of at any given moment.

Very often, the proof of your wrongdoing is not even needed; just the accusation alone is enough to destroy your marriage or career.

Offer to take a polygraph test, it will show good intent.


The Examination is in three parts, each of which takes about one hour. The charge is £200 per hour and is payable in advance. Cash remittance is required for added confidentially and to help keep costs down. We cannot take card payments, but we do accept cheques. Detailed receipts are always provided. The chart is given to the person who pays for the service.

Many people are put off by the huge cost of polygraph tests, but we operate a ‘Bletchley Park’ type organization which has the advantage of low overhead cost. However the chief objective is absolute confidentiality in this small Island and we can also keep the cost down.

What is required from you..Just the actual questions. 

The questions to be asked are set either by the party requesting information or the person wishing to use the information as part of a statement or CV. We can assist with this if required. 

We suggest that the Subject is accompanied to the polygraph test by a trustworthy friend. The friend is always given noise-cancelling headphones to use and an iPad to entertain them while the subject takes the test.

The friend won’t hear anything but the subject may feel more comfortable.  

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